Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Understanding Your Homeowner's Insurance ...before it may be too late.

Understanding Your Homeowner's Insurance ...before it may be too late.
For nearly all consumers, owning a home represents a large investment. But suppose your home is vandalized or damaged by a storm? Having insurance can protect you from such unpredictable losses.
When purchasing insurance, it is important to READ YOUR POLICY. Your policy is the contract between you (the insured) and your insurance company. The time to learn about your coverage and conditions is not after you have suffered a loss but before, while you have the opportunity to discuss the policy with your agent. If you do not understand the policy or want to modify it, contact the insurance agent or company for additional information. Also important is the written application for insurance that usually becomes part of the policy. Carefully examine the application before signing it to make sure the information is accurate and complete.

Also I will provide with the following important benefits:

1.      Assist you in securing the best financing program for your specific situation.
2.       Update you regarding properties that match your criteria.
3.       Arrange a private showing of any property including new construction.
4.       Discuss strategy regarding offer price, financing terms, possession date, and anything you want to know.
5.       Prepare the offer with terms, provisions, and addendums weighted in your best interest.
6.       Negotiate in your best interest to help you secure the best possible price and terms.
7.       Recommend professionals with respect to your purchase: inspector, termite inspector, title insurance, etc. (subject to your approval).
I will be available to you through the entire process and well after, to answer

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