Friday, July 10, 2015

5 Tips to Sell Your Home IN THE SUMMER!

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            In a competitive real estate market, you always want the "upper hand" or the ability to stand out. Selling your home in the summer is already a challenge, so here are five tips that can improve your chance for success this season. 

Tip 1 - Landscape & Lawn

Something that your grass gets enough of in the summer is sun, and the Florida sun can easily scorch your grass & plant life. The best time to fertilize your grass is right before the summer or right after. Top soil is a great way to revive your grass color. Buyers care a lot about appearance & curb appeal. Take pride and add mulch, rocks, & decorative appeal to your landscape, as well. 

Tip 2 - No Stone Left Unturned

Have your house professionally cleaned before you start showing it. Buyers are turned off by a dirty home. Add fresh paint to the walls. Clean the grout of your tile & bathrooms. Address the clutter in your home! Think of ways to open up your floor plan a little. If a piece of furniture does not fit, remove it. Buyers need to know that the home feels spacious & comfortable.

Tip 3 -  KeepCalm & StayPositive

Have you ever been tense because something you want to happen so badly just hasn't happened yet? Maybe you have heard the expression... "Take a step back and smell the roses." Sometimes, remaining calm & collected is the best posture when waiting to sell your home. Relaxing and going over your plan is a great way to find rest or a NEW perspective. 

Tip 4 - Summer Goodies 

As you know, South Florida in the summer means "hot record temps"! When the buyers come into your home, you want them to have a refreshing experience. Ice water, lemonade, & fresh fruit are all great ways to cool off anyone. If the buyers spend a longer time in your home, they can begin to feel emotionally attached, so this is a great way to create that atmosphere.

Tip 5 - Set a Realistic Price

The most important of the tips would be to price your home effectively. The #1 reason a home does not sell is because of the price. Think ahead and do your homework. You don't want to start off strong & then fizzle out. Take the time and figure out a game plan with us. Make this summer memorable and achieve your vision and goals. 

 Wiener Lucena Global Realty Group

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